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10 Best Costco Italian Food: Top Picks by InfinItaly Travel

The InfinItaly Travel team is largely composed of a new generation of Italian immigrants. As in the previous waves, we moved to this Great Land for opportunities and to achieve success in our lives. Of course nowadays, with the new technologies and tools, it's emotionally easiest to leave our own home Country, keeping us consistently connected with families and friends overseas (thank you META!).

Well, as Italians we have another, good food, best food!

And where we can buy it without spending a fortune?

The easy-peasy answer it's Costco for sure! We know it's an institution committed to delivering value-for-money products and promises excellence in each hand-picked delicacy around the world, so... InfinItaly Travel wants to share the top 10 Italian products we mostly love from Costco:

10 Best Costco Italian Food: Top Picks by InfinItaly Travel

1) Organic Pasta - Garofalo brand (we'd like more shapes variety)

2) Organic Pasta - Rummo brand (again, we'd like more shapes variety)

3) Parmigiano Reggiano, aged for 24 months - Kirkland Signature

4) Mozzarella di bufala campana - Fattorie Garofalo brand

5) Gorgonzola cheese - BelGioioso brand

6) Pecorino Romano - Locatelli brand

7) Prosciutto Crudo di Parma - Citterio brand

8) Basil Pesto - Kirkland Signature

9) Organic Castelvetrano green olives - Asaro brand

10) Organic EVOO - Kirkland Signature

This dessert is an extra, delicious, and seasonal:

Cannoli Kit - The Cannoli Factory brand

What we would like to see at Costco US? Mutti brand

Buon appetito!

Costco Brand

Thank you, Costco


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